Ellipse - a Collection of Poetry

Ellipse - a Collection of Poetry är en bra bok. Den här boken skrevs av författaren Danielle Shelley Carr. På vår hemsida rsfoodservice.se kan du läsa boken Ellipse - a Collection of Poetry online.

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A collection of poetry forms, including villanelles, ballads, and the epic, by Australian writer Danielle Shelley Carr, whose works have been reviewed in The Australian Writer magazine, including Demon in the Circle, a reflection on the life and career of English opera singer Francesco Federici, who inspired the theatrical legend of a ghost at Melbourne's Princess Theatre.



FILNAMN: Ellipse - a Collection of Poetry.pdf

ISBN: 9781477650813

FÖRFATTARE: Danielle Shelley Carr


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Ellipse: - a Collection of Poetry by Danielle Carr, Gerald ...

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